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Inspirerad av HOT by Charles Bukowski

Efter jobbet, ringde jag Miriam
abonnenten kan inte nås just nu
kanske hon glömt ladda mobilen.

Slängde mig i bilen
och gasade hemåt.

Övertid igen
mera stålar
kanske byta bil.

Jag ekade uppför i trappen,
satte nyckeln i lägenhetsdörren,
öppnade den…

På bordet stod en glassbytta,
som klämde fast en lapp:
din jävel
jag väntade
ätit glass hela dagen

I stan finns det 5000 barer
där ska jag leta efter Miriam.

Jag hällde upp en fördrink åt mig själv
och åt henne.

she was hot, she was so hot
I didn't want anybody else to have her,
and if I didn't get home on time
she'd be gone, and I couldn't bear that-
I'd go mad. . .
it was foolish I know, childish,
but I was caught in it, I was caught.
I delivered all the mail
and then Henderson put me on the night pickup run
in an old army truck,
the damn thing began to heat halfway through the run
and the night went on
me thinking about my hot Miriam
and jumping in and out of the truck
filling mailsacks
the engine continuing to heat up
the temperature needle was at the top
like Miriam.
leaped in and out
3 more pickups and into the station
I'd be, my car
waiting to get me to Miriam who sat on my blue couch
with scotch on the rocks
crossing her legs and swinging her ankles
like she did,
2 more stops. . .
the truck stalled at a traffic light, it was hell
kicking it over
again. . .
I had to be home by 8,8 was the deadline for Miriam.
I made the last pickup and the truck stalled at a signal
1/2 block from the station. . .
it wouldn't start, it couldn't start. . .
I locked the doors, pulled the key and ran down to the
station. . .
I threw the keys down. . .signed out. . .
your goddamned truck is stalled at the signal,
I shouted,
Pico and Western. . .
. . .I ran down the hall,put the key into the door,
opened it. . .her drinking glass was there, and a note:/sun of a bitch:
I waited until 5 after ate
you don't love me
you sun of a bitch
somebody will love me
I been waiting all day


I poured a drink and let the water run into the tub
there were 5,000 bars in town
and I'd make 25 of them
looking for Miriam
her purple teddy bear held the note
as he leaned against a pillow
I gave the bear a drink, myself a drink
and got into the hot
Charles Bukowski

Skapa | Skriva av Den filosofiske poeten VIP
Läst 49 gånger
Publicerad 2021-10-22 22:02

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