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10 november 2021

Inner lightning strike

Can you feel the suffering?

We create
the one suffering
in our minds,
and we are in turn creations
in and of the one mind there is.

When we see that
the one suffering is a thought,
we cease to be as we thought
and become
that which is aware
of thought itself,
our true self.

Yet thoughts have
a powerful influence over us,
for we have lived years
with the bad habit
of believing into them.

We forget
as the thought becomes
our reality again.
As thought
invades our being
without us noticing
we die,
we cease to be
and become dead.

Then somehow we spark to life
as the lightning strike illumines
the thought patterns
that unknowingly
dragged us through dirt
and we can now see
that we were blind.

When we are blind
we are under the influence
of dark forces beyond our power,
it acts through the body,
its will has become our actions,
in that moment it has become us.

We cannot stop it, for it is us.
But at our core
consciousness is always watchful,
we have just drenched
the knowing part within
without knowing.

I see no free will;
you cannot decide
your next thought,
and you cannot decide
whether you believe your next thought,
and you cannot decide
whether you see your next thought.

All we can do is wait patiently
for that lightning strike of insight
to influence us.

If we truly wanted it,
it would influence us now,
but we are master deceivers
of our own wants,
as we have no free will,
we have no free wants.

The strike unearths us
for who we really are,
until we hide less and less
of ourselves in the shadow.

Fri vers av KPJ Sundquist VIP
Läst 72 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2021-11-10 18:37

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KPJ Sundquist VIP