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Welcomes "Anthony" I am happy to see you!

Amerikanskt krigsfartyg till Stockholm | Nyheter | Expressen

Americans’ warship in way to Stockholm.

Stockholm is yours, darling!

 but be gentle and do not trample on flowers,

If you do not have a place in the harbor then stay by the sea above Lidingö.

See you when I weave time.

The only difference between you and him is that you make a permanent official visit at the invitation, he did it out of friendship with the price of childhood memories.

and in need, he even saved my life many times.

so, if you behave well and do not provoke jealousy you are welcome to have a lot of joy and pleasure when you are on the shore or walking around the city or seeing Stockholm by night!


Fri vers (Modernistisk dikt) av Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP
Läst 28 gånger
Publicerad 2022-05-17 14:44

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Jeflea Norma, Diana.
Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP