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Short story

An unexpected hero

A small rabbit happily chewed on a carrot
but stopped when it heard a sob from a parrot.
- What´s wrong? Asked the rabbit looking up at the bird.
- Oh I´m stuck you see.
And yes, indeed the parrot was stuck in a snare unable to break free.
- What to do, what to do, the rabbit wondered, rabbits can´t climb trees.
- Hurry, hurry the parrot plead.
Oh no, oh no, what can I do? The rabbit felt dizzy, then looked around and found a bottle of soda with a label declaring fizzy.
Suddenly a plan hatched in the small rabbits brain,
- Stay where you are, I´ll free you from the pain!
The small rabbit shook the bottle fiercely, the parrot looked at the rabbit whose actions looked weirdly.
Just as planned the bottle cap popped from the pressure
the small rabbit held on to the bottle for dear life as if it was a valuable treasure.
Up in the air bottle and rabbit flew the latter jumped off next to the parrot so blue.
With swift little paws the fur coated hero saved the bird from its snare now the parrot could finally take a breath of fresh air.
- If you don´t mind, the small rabbit said, would you be so kind to give me a lift to the ground.
- Of course, my new friend, the parrot replied, the pleasure is mine.
A small rabbit sat next to its carrot, up in the sky flew a newly freed parrot.

Prosa av Skogsråt VIP
Läst 17 gånger
Publicerad 2022-06-20 03:32

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