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1. I’m floating on a small river
Left the boat
You know it’s time to go
When sweet turns bitter
Now I’m loosing in glitter
Sparkle the water
Bones and muscles talking to each other
In the end, the only ones with control
Time for me to go

2. Black and white pill
Can’t be still
My friends are going crazy
Thank god, I’m joining in
Weird guys seeking contact but we’re going out
In the night people are shouting
Makes me believe
Will be alright

3. I was at the bus
I was freaking out
The noise, the smell, the speed, I needed to puke, nowhere to escape, filling up with doubts
Looked into someone’s eyes
Everything turned around
I meant to write it all down
Thought to myself this is profound
But I couldn’t
I just couldnt
Got off the bus driving away with the hype

4. In someone else’s home
I can be gone
Going down the stairs
Elevated to disappear

5. Breaking flower pots and spilling food on the couch
This party is alright
Don’t underestimate the long night
Friends are waiting around the corners
We’re just gonna spice up the order
1+2+3 becomes 6
The 7th is a loner
The 7th likes to take risks
Push me over the edge that’s where I want to be
The crash is free splitting me
Rearranged face I see more clearly

Fri vers av LN?!
Läst 68 gånger
Publicerad 2022-06-20 23:30

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