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Short story

Redefining a monster

A bear sat in the forrest looking up at the sky
over its head clouds of all shape and sizes
teardrops formed in big brown eyes
all alone the bear cried
- People look at me and all the see is a monster, a villain,
why can´t I, a bear to someone be, lets say, a hero?
Inside the bears heart the temperature plummeted under zero.
The music in the breeze, could not take away the feeling of unease
the delicate smell of flowers in the nose felt rotten and sour
dark clouds grew inside as above,
- Will I ever be loved?
A deep sigh as the rain began falling, when suddenly another bear was heard calling.
As the fur coated stranger came closer, our sad antihero glanced quickly at the imposter.
- Hi there, beautiful growl summed up in a phrase.
There was no fear in those eyes, no hate just a long loving gaze.
- Uhm hi, words stuck to the mouth, and an awkward look,
- Sorry I´m shy.
- Oh I´m relieved I am shy too, said bear number two.
Together two bears sat in the forrest looking up at the sky laughing, naming favorite foods all in great mood, both bears said at once,
- Blueberries, oh my! Oh my!
- I am so happy I found you, the furry friend, bear number two, declared,
- Before I meet you I was so scared, you know what?
I look at you and I see a protector a hero.
A paw touched a paw, no more tears, just a loving look and an,
- Awe...

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Läst 14 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2022-06-21 03:16

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