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Fear and love

I pour my heart inside out,
holding on to what is still fresh pain,
I look at you with streaming eyes,
wondering if you understand what I am saying.
but I see nothing but love & concern,
and you whisper for me to let you in,
I sometimes just don't know how,
unsure if I do - that you will be staying.
I want to tell you that you are a part of me now,
that I love you with my whole being,
but I don't want to scare you off,
afraid of the dark you might be seeing.
Nor do I want to be weak in your eyes,
or for you to ever view me as small,
I would rather say our goodbyes,
than for you to doubt me at all.

Fri vers av pappersplan VIP
Läst 35 gånger
Publicerad 2022-08-15 20:32

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pappersplan VIP