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7 november 2020

Look deeper

Our mind has many limitations.

Yet we operate
from these limitations
in constructing our
perspective of the world.

we see a fracture
of the true world,
a limited world,
limited by our
limited perception.

From these limitations
we construct all
that we think we know.

But it is all built
on a false pretense.

They may have some insight
into this world we think we live in,
but they do not reveal the actual world.

For that we need to go beyond
our senses, beyond our mind.

How do we go beyond
our own mind with which
we have come to identify
ourselves with?

By observing it.

When we realise
that something outside or inside
our ordinary understanding of self
can observe itself,
we realise that
who we thought we were
was just a thought.

Then we can see
that the mind
has no power over us
and that we can use
its power when needed.

Observe the influence
of the mind
and the emotions.

You think they are
”your” emotions,
but who are you?

Your mind thinks up
a ”you” for you to be,
that is just another thought
accumulated by previous
thoughts and emotions.

The real ”I”
is always here,

It was the same one
who observed
before I was born,
when I was born,
when I was a child,
a teenager, and now.

I am.

Yet what I think I am
has changed a lot
because it identifies itself
with past happenings,
thoughts of the mind.

The past is a thought
replaying who you think you are,
when who you really are
is here now, watching.

I am always watching myself
whether I know it or not.

how can we see and live
in the true world?

By not being limited
by our mind
and our emotions.

By not being identified
with our mind
and our emotions.

I live in all things.

In fact, there are no things
apart from another thing,
except for the perspective
from the mind who has learnt
to divide the world,
all that is different
is given a name,
divided up further.

The mind divides this union,
it grants us a unique perspective of

the person

being divided from the whole.

There is a unique opportunity
to recognise the true I,
while also being able to live
in the limited world of the mind.

We can live
of no mind
and of mind.

That is our gift,
as well as our curse,
if we never realise
our potential.

The curse is an aid
toward seeking
our common wholeness,
to realise our gift to ourself.

Your emotions are not you,
in realising this
they have no influence
over you.

You can observe
what is being influenced
by emotions of hate,
fear and anxiety,
and what is being influenced
by pure love.

Seeing this,
acting out of pure love
becomes your way of living,
because no other way
has the power to
influence you anymore,
because you can see through
that ”evil” power and not act on it.

Many of us today
are not able to see
the evil in ourselves
and in others.

We think we are good,
when we act from evil emotions.

None of these emotions are us,
they are the mind’s limited perspective
and you buy into those thoughts
because ”you” always have.

You think you know who you are,
but base that knowledge
from a thought
that comes popping up,
identifying with it.

Look deeper.

Who is aware of that thought
and any other thought
and sensation and emotion?

To live from this awareness
is to live from the influence
of truth, not deceit.

Fri vers av KPJ Sundquist VIP
Läst 26 gånger
Publicerad 2022-09-09 17:39

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KPJ Sundquist VIP