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I don't like flowers

I don't like flowers - they often remind me of funerals, weddings, balls and presence at the dinner table.
But subconscious roses
, which was my solace when I was a child, has stayed as my heritage of my childhood.
Like whispering background music.

Den filosofiske poeten

I don't like flowers - they do remind me often
Of funerals, of weddings and of balls;
Their presence on tables for a dinner calls.
But sub-eternal roses' ever simple charm
Which was my solace when I was a child,
Has stayed - my heritage - a set of years behind,
Like Mozart's ever-living music's hum.

Anna Akhmatova

Skapa | Skriva av Den filosofiske poeten VIP
Läst 13 gånger
Publicerad 2022-09-24 17:53

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Den filosofiske poeten
Den filosofiske poeten VIP