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I have to get out

I have to get out. I have to.
I've lost all my armors and swords...
Don't want face the world I've been sent to.
I don't want to hear the fate's words.

I know, I see I have failed
To make a human to the man.
I had heart of mine been nailed
To stone that we called the cold brain.

I have to get out. I'm loosing
My last and trumendous breath.
I know, by leaving I'm choosing
The quick and intimeless death.

I have no source to fight farther
for life I've been given at the start.
I know, I would end all that rather
to keep pray and to worship the star.

I have to get out and I will to -
Not knowing how and when...
I'm praying to became as created
And never at any conditions be back here agin.


Bunden vers (Sonett) av Julianna Strandberg VIP
Läst 34 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2022-11-11 10:22

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Julianna Strandberg
Julianna Strandberg VIP