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honouring Kamal Ahmadpour, Kian Pirfalak, and many more who got murdered in Iran recent uprising.


When you didn´t hear children´s laughter

and it was just a berg of ruin,

black banners had been hoisted at the doors

of their bombarded houses.


When I didn´t meet my comrades anymore

and it had not been heard

any news about their bodies,

black banners had been hoisted at the doors

of their simple houses.


When the heart bleeding mothers´ tears merged

with hurts and grieving dogs´ howl

and the cold winds of the north

with black banners scream

when the wind blow through them,

it put the bombarded nights

engraved at our hearts forever. 


Black banners

had been flagged for

bodies that never been founded.


Black banners

had been flagged for

soldiers that never came back.


Black banners

had been flagged over the graves

of youths, with thousands of dreams,

who had been executed in the name of God and holy script. 


Black banners

had been flagged at the unknown graves of more

than thirty thousand young political prisoners who

were hung on electricity poles throughout the country in 1988.


Black banners

had been flagged at the bodies of

boys and girls who never got a chance to grow up.


Black banners

at the bodies of mothers who died of crying

and at the bodies of fathers who died of sorrow.


Ja, when it was just war and winter cold

when it wasn´t a sign of life in a country under

the rule of murderers and mullahs

there were just thousands/millions of

black banners that had been hoisted

all over the country.


And there were grieving mothers who were

crying quietly under the black banners.


And we, the survivors, got never back our happiness.


© Samuel E. Rajeus, Stockholm, Sweden, 1991, Published in 2008, Book: Shadows; collections of poems, ISBN 978-91-977393-1-3

Fri vers (Fri form) av Samuel E. Rajeus VIP
Läst 407 gånger
Publicerad 2022-11-19 13:54

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Samuel E. Rajeus
Samuel E. Rajeus VIP