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uppdateras då och då, kolla in https://svenskadikter.com/Yours_truly_tillägnad för senaste tankarna / bättre sortering / lättare läsning. god midnatt alla WASPs.

dont shed on me, an introspective look at morality


Yours Truly
The artists, the freaks, the geeks
The teaks, the meeks
the what weird teeths
The bleaks, the bleached
The beached, the seaked


Yours truly, Tillägnad

some 100s aphorisms

mostly correctly

individually dated

upon their inception

circa 1997 to 2004-2006

to 2019-2012 to present

3 Poems & Mishmash

The purpose
of a flower
is to bloom
not spread


An enemy is a friend with
an unresolved argument

Imperfections is perfection

True praise
is intimidating

A song
not worth
listening to
a 100 times
in a row
is not worth
listening to

Be yourself
find yourself
then your dreams
come naturally

You anti-get
what you desire
Expect nothing
to receive everything

Art is remembrance
Masterpiece is forever

Be yourself
find yourself
Then the art
comes naturally

There is
no point
in acting
if you do it
only for that
Act differently
because of
that odd thing
you love to do


You can only
scratch a diamond
with another diamond

The grand
is in the

We are all
from Africa

1 ’09
Without the
nationalistic wars
in the 19th and
20th century
There wouldn’t
have been a
Dada / Hippie
And the world
would have been
a boring place

2 ’09
It works
if you think
that everyone
is like you;

3 ’09
The more
you know
the more
you want
to know

Summer ’09
Zeroes in the crowd
Heroes in the now

Juni ’09
The more the merrier
said the 10th soupchef

August ’09
Hard to get
Hard to forget

September 1 ’09
Comfort corrupts
But more
comfort bores

September 2 ’09
It’s hard to
not get upset
when you get insulted
but almost harder
to really enjoy
a compliment

October 1 ’09
We're all so different
We're all so the same

Oktober 2 ’09
Don’t write
what you think is good Neither what you
want to be good
Write only what you
feel is good

November ’09
Nice guys
finish first

November ’09
The more you rest
The more life
feels like a test

December ’09
No one is


1 ‘10
If you get rid
of something
it eventually
comes back

2 ‘10
A job well done
is worth a dozen
that aren’t

3 ‘10
It’s only after
losing everything
That you see life’s
true values

rappare kan
om musik

4 ’10
Don’t judge
a person
by their

5 ’10
64kbps ought
to be enough
for anyone

January 1 ‘10
I like cold
I like heat

January 2 ‘10
The more it costs
The more you
can do without

February 1 ‘10
The only thing better
than getting a book
is getting a notebook

February 2 ‘10
Life is not
But 32-bit
floating point

5 Mars ‘10
says more about
those who speak it
than those it’s spoken about

14 Mars ‘10
Soap & seed
go hand in hand

19 Mars ‘10
When we watch TV
we just want to laugh
but when we read the news
we only want to cry

25 Mars ‘10
Life is in
the small
but not
the petty

1 april ‘10
You never knew
you needed it
until you got it

8 april ‘10
Life is like a lemon
it can make you sour
But if you make
lemon cupcakes
you’ll turn it into
something good

8 april ‘10
good and evil are not
mutually exclusive
goodies make you feel bad
and meanness can actually
result in something good

9 april ‘10
There’s only
one thing worse
than saying
i can’t afford it
and that is
i don’t have
the time

9 april ‘10
I can’t tell this to anyone
I can tell this to everyone

10 april ‘10
Half of
is work

11 april ‘10
I don’t write for a living
I write to stay alive

12 april ‘10
The only thing worse
than having an
empty mailbox
is having one
that’s full

15 april ‘10
Life comes with challenges no matter where you turn

15 april 2010
Flowing water
never freezes

15 Maj ‘10
The stronger the magnet
The more junk it attracts

20 Maj ‘10
speak louder
than interviews

4 Juli ‘10
The only thing worse
than having too little paint
is having too much

10 Juli ‘10
is the

13 Juli ‘10
When someone
immature creates
It turns into art
that makes you feel bad
But when someone
mature does it
You enjoy it instead

22 Juli ‘10
perfect, yes...
But in the end
it’s just results
that count

8 aug ‘10
He who waits for a goodie
Eats the whole lot

21 aug ’10
The only things you lose
is stuff you never
really needed

25 aug ‘10
It’s just
as hard

7 September ‘10
Living is dying
Dying is living

21 September ’10
is the mother
of procrastination

22 September ‘10
The one
you love the most
your treat the worse

17 October ‘10
What’s spoken
gets eventually broken

11 November ‘10
Some should die
when they’re one
others when
a hundred
And it always
makes me

15 November ‘10
Don’t live for today
Live for tomorrow

20 November ‘10
is experience

5 December ‘10
Almost at hand
But banned

11 December ‘10
When you get an idea
Then fulfill it directly
Or you’ll regret
that you regretted it

12 December ‘10
It’s a good thing
to feel bad sometimes
Or you wouldn’t
do things
to feel good

19 December ‘10
Just as
all 3 of ‘em

29 December ‘10


1 jan ’11
It’s only people
without taste
which say
that they like

7 jan ‘11

8 jan ‘11
The worst thing
about complaining
is that you
get it your way

11 jan ‘11
The way
you lead your life
That way your life
ultimately leads you

18 jan ‘11
The day plays
The night forays

28 jan ‘11
just the way
you describe others

2 Februari
All that is
is not water

6 Februari ‘11
Screaming is good for you
Unless you want to be heard

14 Februari ‘11
Close your eyes and live, or
Open your eyes and dream

17 Februari ‘11
Love is blind
But sometimes
You can be so bland
that you do not see the love which before you stand

24 February ’11
Everything that happens does so at the expense
of something else

25 Februari ‘11
If it’s negative it’s positive
If it’s positive it’s negative

1 Mars ‘11
You wouldn’t do it
for your family
You wouldn’t do it
for your country
But you would do it
for vanity

23 Mars ’11
’Error’ is a personality-trait
belonging to everyone

4 April ’11
If you try to be ordinary
you’ll become extraordinary
If you want to be special
you’ll turn common

12 April ’11
To be openminded doesn’t rule out that you’re close-minded about some things
The same is if you’re wise
then you’re not exempt
from acting like a fool

18 April ’11
You can afford to buy
pre-cooked food
You can afford to smoke
Don’t call yourself poor

27 April ’11
Doing nothing
is for nobodies

13 apr ‘11
He who gives
gets taken from

17 apr ‘11
I’m industrious
out of pure laziness otherwise i’d get
too much worries
10 Maj ‘11
The old want to
turn younger
The young want
to turn older

23 May ‘11
Of Summers Day
and Summer Night
Speaks Winter
merely in
Grey & White

28 maj ‘11
just another word
for following the herd
Freedom isn’t
saying the word

8 Juni ’11
It’s in the
that everything

8 July ’11
Life is a journey
Life is movement
Death is a destination
Like burned claymation

24 July ‘11
The more you rest
The more life
feels like a test
28 Augusti ’11
It’s not
the taste of love
but the aftertaste

6 September ’11
An average person
is just a zero
But a genious
is a madman too

10 September ’11
The ones with
the most possiblity
to learn and the
least motivation
to actually
do anything

14 September ’11
The lie never changes
(if you’re good at remembering
things that is)
but there’s always
more to unlock
from the truth

21 September ’11
In really
deep relations
One both
loves and hates
at the same time

Oktober ’11[1]
It goes easier
if you take it slow
Instead of being

Det är enklare
om du tar det lugnt
istället för att
springa runt

2 October ’11
You shouldn’t
throw wineglasses
in houses of concrete

4 October ’11
Don’t judge
a book
by its cover
Because there
are so many
excellent covers
to so many
terrible books

7 October ’11
News aren’t new
And they aren’t something
you wish you knew

15 Oktober ’11
First we laugh until we cry
then we cry until we laugh

19 Oktober ’11 1
Stop smoking &
become smoking
with your smoking

19 Oktober ’11 2
When joy is here
we don’t notice it
But when sorrow visits us
we have to make it known over and over again but nobody takes notice anyway

19 Oktober ’11 3
The ones
without hair want it
the ones with shave it
the ones with dark hair
want to be blonde
blondes want their hair pink
want to be redheads
and redheads dye
their hair black

20 October ’11
You’ll turn chunky
if you eat in chunks

21 October ’11

23 October ’11
concentrated crying

27 October ’11
The first thing[2]
which you
get blind on
is the eyes
The first thing
you open
is your mouth

5 November ’11
To someone
who acts
some way
some time
Watch out
or you’ll turn
into that
one day

23 November ’11
happens for a reason
And with enough reasons
something happens

23 November ’11
Everything happens
for a reason
and with enough reasons something happens

7 December ’11
it’s got so high bpm
it contains very little

12 December ’11
Foster your children
the best you can
so when they’re teenagers they can forget everything
in a very short span

19 December ’11
Addiction is like
a lover that visit you
But all of a sudden she’s moved into your house

26 December ’11
who doesn’t
actively disagree

14 January ’12
too much pain
it turns ironry

13 February ’12
One word

17 Februari ’12
Noise doesn’t matter
as long as you
create it yourself

17 Februari ’12
When you see
a fatty you laugh
But when you see
a skinny you cry

28 Februari ’12[3]
It’s dead
it will

28 Februari ’12
If christianity says that you can’t judge someone
because you don’t know them then it should reasonably
say that you shouldn’t love anyone because
you don’t know how horrible they are

1 mars ’12
Treat others
the way
you get treated

behandla andra
som du blir
behandlad själv

1 mars ’12
When you see a overly clothed person
you try to control your giggles
But when you see someone
naked you just try
to control yourself


2022-11-20 23:50
det ultimata är att tänka
känslor hör till animat
så det är bättre att
förstöra sin kropp
än sitt sinne
man ska dö nyfiken
inte förvirrad

2022-11-18 12:50
ensamhet ger altruism
altruism ger lathet
lathet ger kreativitet
och så fortgår det

2022-11-17 11:15
the universe:
1) living matter (redwhite) [art] {earth} [present] {reality}
2) battery (greenblack) [memory] {heaven} [previous] {dream}
3) ectoplasma (bluegrey) [afterlife] {moon} [future] {mare}

2022-11-11 11:22
sjung som om du aldrig får din röst hörd
dansa som om ingen någonsin skulle bryr sig
älska som om du aldrig skulle släppa taget
arbeta även om det är en obetald börda
lev varje dag som du alltid gör

2022 10 25 09 52
ps/2 keyboards are advanced
their reaction time
is measured in milliseconds
thus you do not need more
than 10 fingers to write quickly
just fast writing speed which can
be maintained for 8 hours
per day for 50 years

2022 10 24 20 24
karma bounces
just like light

2022 10 22 14 45
beskydda de som
betyder mest för dig
eller till vilka du betyder mest

2022 10 22 07:21
if you eat something which has its nutrients removed
you will not only "not" get the nutrients
they will also get removed from your body
because the food tries to harmonize itself

2022 10 21 09:52 se
Säga vad man vill om vaccinet.
För min del klarade jag första steget,
och jag inser nu att det
läker mig varje gång jag sover.

2022 10 21 09:52 en
Say whatever you want about the vaccine
For myself personally I survived the first step
And have now realised it heals me every time I sleep

2022 10 21 09:26 se
oavsett om
du inte gör något
eller inte tänker
så gör du något till slut
och tänker till slut

2022 10 21 09:26 en
no matter if
you are inactive
or if you do not
think things through
you do so eventually

2022 10 21 07:37
ytliga människor är inte ytliga
de lever i en värld
bortom din värld

2022 10 21 05:33 #2
its not hopeless
it can feel
like that often
like nobody cares
but its not true
no matter what
they say

2022 10 21 05:33 #1
alla gör sin del
stora som små
ingen är oskyldig
en ledare är endast
en reflektion av folket

2022 10 20 19 00 #3
att duscha bada vattenfall simma
är att hela sig själv från synder
i alla fall till det yttre
som påverkar det inre öga

2022 10 20 19 00 #2
det är ett himlajävla

2022 10 20 19 00 #1
universum är stort
det finns miljontals arter
som styr över hela himlavalvet
alla har utvecklat datorer och rymdfärder
om man ser något som primitivt
ser man endast in i sig själv

2022 10 20 16:30
är bra att
må dåligt ibland
istället för att må
halvdåligt hela tiden

2022 10 20 14:54
de blå ska man komma ihåg
de röda ska man glömma

2022 10 18 6:56
if youre not having fun with friends
then i dont see the point of living
theres so many things you can do alone
and none of them really matter
for me its been gaming
i dont identify as an artist
because ive barely met artists
my only diagnosis is human
and i dont mean partying
as ive sort of never done it
just talking to people enjoying life
enjoying your job
enjoying your art your music
your view of the world through friends

2022 sep 38 16:56
i have chosen to be without phones
i have long prefered computers
and now have a laptop
there is always
good and bad in anything
you have to decide if
the good outweighs the bad
there is no point in fitting in
because at the end of the day
you only have yourself

2022 sep 28 16:28
the village idiot speaks to others
the village elder speaks to others
the village idiot speaks to anyone
the village elder speaks when asked
they are quite similar
and can be said to be the same person
they are opposites to eachother
the idiot is anti-shape to the elder
the elder is anti-shape to the idiot
they are still the same
they can be portrayed as
gods angels bards thieves
they are not among
the common people
if you only meet elders and
have a problem with them
they have a problem with you
if you only meet idiots
you are the true idiot

2022 sep 6 12:21 #2
bara döda

2022 sep 6 12:21 #1
toxoplasmos är

2022 sep 5 15:07 #3
Neuroleptics reduce
your frequency

2022 sep 5 15:07 #2
första enda sista
first you think theyre worth something
then they pretend to like you
then they want something from you
then you lose

2022 sep 5 15:07 #1
Verkligheten är
viktigare än

2022 10 05 06 27
det sägs att katter har nio liv
men elefanter har åttio åtta

2022 10 05 06 24
Ultimata sanningen
everything can be faked on any level whatsoever
emotions objects people you name it
you need to learn to discern

Karma Kameleont
Om du ger tillbaka
till brödraskapet
ger de också tillbaka

Bättre Vänner
en elak vän
än 1000 falska

Better Friends
its better to have
1 real friend than a
thousand false ones

The problem with making a difference
whats the difference between
having problems and making a difference?
if you whine enough you let everyone control you
be yourself its simple it might not seem so
but at the end of the day it is

if you see both
the angel on your left
and the devil on your right
it should be easy right

Vi med rött hår / fräknar / ljus hy (genen) har ett problem
Vi kan inte va i solen Våra fläckar syns klart och tydligt

2022 10 01
rave rimmar med rape
och de gör mer
än att endast

2022 09 30
is created
in real time

2022 09 29
if you create you have a vision
if you destroy you never know

2022 09 28
racism is a

2022 sep 20 20:00
attack something
stronger than you
or you leave a mark

2022 sep 20
if you are not grey when you are rebirthing then something is wrong with you
if you are not red when you are young then something is wrong with you
if you are not blue when you are old then something is wrong with you
if you are not green when you are dead then something is wrong with you

När du skrattar
Är det ditt
hjärta som

2022 09 30
Det är bättre att vara artist än att vara en idiot
Om du är ensam för att brödraskapet gav upp på dig
Var glad de är inget att sträva efter

2022 09 30
80/20 regeln
80% förstår
10% överdriver
10% är eldsjälar

2022 09 30
Try not to be a man of value,
but just be proud of yourself.
What you have done, how you have
changed the world and its inhabitant
You don't want to wake up one day
and realise you have ruined your son
and he is just a reflection of you
and will perpetuate this lie

2022 09 30
skapar inte vatten
endast sorg gör det

2022 08
Women's love is a
romantic comedy
Men's love is a
comic book

2022 okt 05 15:07
ångest utan
ångest med

2022 09 27
do not mess with geeks
they have root user
access to the universe

spermier samarbetar
ägg är äggoistiska

bitterhet är en lyx
och du är en hora
en lyxhora

mörk halo
du är bara en psykopat
som råkade födas
med en fitta

The bright side of life
suicide — do not knock it until you try it
suicide — once in a lifetime experience
suicide — i am committed

Övriga genrer (Aforism) av Tomas Emma Johansson-Jonsson VIP
Läst 11 gånger
Publicerad 2022-11-20 23:58

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