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änglar, finns de? 2022-02-24 23:27

i met archangel michael today. he was pissed off. so he floats in his neat golden whatever armour outside my window

(i had just smoked 3 cigs. i mean, cigpacks, so thats 60 cigs. i had smoked 60 cigs. i dont... smoke many cigs. i smoked 60 cigs. sixty. yep. i smoked these in bed, too, while listening to that cute sunhiausa song which had just started the ukraine war. wasnt me. i dont think its a good idea to listen to that song anymore. wonder why)

and is all high and mighty, then he shines his MEANIE MONSTER LASER EYES at me, and said "DID IT GET BETTER NOW. TOMAS". uh. didnt really know what to say to this guy with white shiney wings and all. then he went away. thata boi.

Övriga genrer (Kåseri) av Tomas Emma Johansson-Jonsson VIP
Läst 20 gånger
Publicerad 2022-11-23 15:09

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Tomas Emma Johansson-Jonsson
Tomas Emma Johansson-Jonsson VIP