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Title-less Writing

Titless Writing

I think you need some loving, honey.
I can see that you're bored.
I have something... I won't forget.
Shiny little hazel eyes, how are you?
Come, sit next to me and talk for a while.
As Christmas is approaching,
I'm listening to your show.
No one wishes your unhappiness,
You're just a little low.
Look... Please take a look!
It's Christmas everywhere,
Snowflakes are dancing in the air.
A pretty view, like me to You.
Nature is singing Merry Christmas.

Prosa av Pellicken VIP
Läst 36 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2022-11-27 05:13

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  Sandra Hjärtedal
Älsk på den texten.
Man får inte bara julkänsla.
Man blir ju kär!
Vilka ord!

    ej medlem längre
dunno about hazel eyes
havent looked into manys
bella had browngreen
i have greenbrown
about the same.....
the yellow has retreated :(
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Pellicken VIP