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The New Year, Mercilessly

I'm listening on Anna's dated,
old stereo:
The Songs of Leonard Cohen;
The Master Song,
a cat on my chest, vibrating, purring,
with the New Year, mercilessly, coming on,
the horses uneasy in the stable,
moving around inside their boxes,
heads raised,
the wind gusty out there,
the fire crackers rising like ghosts of war;
Leonard Cohen's voice flowing through the house,
tears rising in my eyes, for I don't know what,
ten minutes before midnight
on this farm in the northern wilderness;
”I've lain by this window long enough”,
positioning myself
at the summit of all these memories,
while Anna and I and the animals break through
the barrier of Midnight,
falling out all over January's pale face

Fri vers (Fri form) av Ingvar Loco Nordin VIP
Läst 48 gånger
Publicerad 2023-01-01 16:57

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Ingvar Loco Nordin
Ingvar Loco Nordin VIP