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Being the Heart

"There is no other task but to know

your own original face. This is called 

independence; the spirit is clear and free...

Just look into your heart; there is a trancendental

clarity. Just have no greed and no dependency and you will

immediately attain certainty."

Yen-tóu, Zen master

Recognize the Heart

from which you are never apart

Stop the distracting beliefs in thought

You are always free and uncaught

The song of truth


prior to senses and mind

as the aware present love behind

Radiantly clear constantly here


this knowing brilliant light

of true sweet delight

aware of day

as well as



Fri vers av Nils Teodor VIP
Läst 39 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2023-01-07 12:53

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Nils Teodor
Nils Teodor VIP