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15 januari 2023

White people! All people!

White people! All people!

We are in for an eventful time, where we will face stronger opposition by the forces of evil as time proceeds, if the past and the present is any indication of the future. But for the love of God, do not submit to any weak victim mentality, no matter your situation.

We are no victims, nor are we the perpetrators of past events. If you are, you have fallen. Just stand up and speak truth, and take the consequences for doing so. If you do, you will become stronger, and those who are trying to impose in our way of life will fail. If you don’t, they will win the battle and you will succumb to evil.

Do not believe in your thoughts, or act on emotional impulse. These are the tools used by evil to lure you into the shadows. Be guided from the silence and stillness within, using insight and the conscious awareness being gifted to you as a way of separating falsities from reality. Doing so, you will never fail, even if your body does. We are not our bodies, nor are we our mind. We are the spiritual state that we are in. And if your state of being is not of truth, good and love, you are the enemy of deceit, hate and evil.

I wish all people well, and I hope that all people will stand up to evil and that they appreciate the good in their culture, history, folks and traditions. If you are of darkness, I hope that you will find the light, for else you are but a scourge to your own people and yourself. Together as peoples, we can fight the enemy within our own ranks, and within the ranks of others. Evil is our enemy. Love to all, war against defenders of hatred and evil, and those who disguise it as humanitarian and good. If you are weak and unstable you will fall for their illusions and join their ranks. Be vigilant. Seek truth, good, justice, honour, strength, freedom and love.

Prosa av KPJ Sundquist VIP
Läst 60 gånger
Publicerad 2023-01-16 14:14

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KPJ Sundquist VIP