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I want to run my fingers,
over your bare skin,
I want you to surrender,
relax and fully give in.
I want to see your curls in a
messy state of art,
so unguarded,
everything comes from the heart.
there is certain vulnerability,
when letting someone in.
Talking about heartache and heartbreak,
about everything else that has been.
But I want to discover,
what makes you breath deep,
maybe untouched sadness you might not be ready to meet,
I will rest my fingertips in that very spot,
no pressure, no movement,
no need to share a single thought.
I will breath with you until you can let it go,
no rush, no talking,
only with light fingertips let you know.

Fri vers av pappersplan VIP
Läst 23 gånger
Publicerad 2023-01-21 19:43

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pappersplan VIP