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Written, May 7th, 2008 - for James Harris - Jimmy went to sea at 15 when he joined the Royal Navy. War was brewing around the world... This is a true story...

Jimmy (War was brewing)

Not on my watch!
they won't take our
oceans and our lands
and make us bend
to their want
and their jack-booted

They are of a mind
to spill much blood
for the triumph of their

Norway, we are here
sons and sailors of Britain
come to lend a hand

To rescue brave men and women,
their kith and their kin,
and give safe haven
and set them on dry land

away from the tall guns...
for England we're bound
and you'll have homes
and hospitality for the duration
of the hostilities
warm baths and
hot cups of Ceylon tea
await you

Jimmy stood on the deck
crimson wounded he was,
but would not budge,
he stood in the breach,
and continued to wage
war with a foe so fierce
and armed to the teeth

determined to take
a world for their prize
and be off with those
they despise

he squinted and held
on to his gun bringing
down planes that
would hinder their flight
to Blighty and safety
and end this cruel night

the next thing
he remembers
yes the next thing
he recalls he's standing
at attention in the King's
Royal Great Audience Hall

At 17 the youngest warrior
throughout English time to
be summoned to court
and treated this fine

as his Majesty leans over
to proffer his prize
he bends his Royal head
and in Jimmy's ear he does confide

"What boon do you seek
young Jimmy, the Bold,
who stood his ground,
in Narvik, Lofoten and the Arctic Sound
just name it son
and soon that you will hold"

"To return to my ship
the Ashanti, of tribal class,
and sit in the mess with
my comrades
I must confess...
to fight to defend our hearth
and our homes..to fight what
we fear, even if we must
fight through the tears
and fight on alone"

"But surely, there's something more"
George of the Windsors softly intones,

"Yes my liege, i wish to marry
a lass I met in South Shields
in the North Country
of the Gordon's she hails,
she's fair and she's tender
but she is not frail
A ring and a proper wedding
we'll have before I return,
by your leave, before I say

"So be it, Jimmy
We wish you
wedded bliss
take your bride
have children
and break out the rum
and fiddle with glee

have a holiday with
your crew and your family

and please remember
"We stand in your service
We stand in your debt
for all eternity
May God bless this
realm and the spawn
it has bred

and woe to those
who seek to enslave us
and all free men
for on England
as We say
'The Sun Will Never Set'"

the apache kid

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the apache kid
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