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Constant change (paradoxical as it is)


(a short poem followed by thoughts of change and how to respond to it)


A wanderer in blue          

Strolled through the deepest forest

Where the coldest wind blew


Breathing ice as the snow fell deep

Cold winter coming and darkness too

Whispering to the west with frostbitten lips that spring is due


A wanderer in green

Patiently touching every single forest tree

As the life that slept now sprouted beautifully a new


Warming sun rays crushes the ice away

Snow melting peaks push cold rivers downside

Clear fresh water in the valley is returning life as it has been


A wanderer in yellow

On the back is a cloak that gives heat in every way

A forest that is calm and blooming flowers every day


Soft and spongy feet are walking down a lonely path

It leads uphill and round to no one land but then it’s for all

Singing and walking with his cloak and his stick suits this fellow


A wanderer in brown

The slick cape with dirty threads snarled and was hanging out in threads

Leaves sailed down to the murky ground leaving no spark left to shone


Rotten and fallen trees and mushrooms in the forest decay

Bending down for rejuvenation and waiting for the wanderer green

But first comes the winter with cold blue winds and temperatures down



Round it goes. Everything is in continuous change. Nothing (whatever that is?), rather: something can not stand still. Movement is now in every particle in your body, every atom, and other small things like molecules in a river or a mountain, a galaxy, and all billions of billions of stars. The ground you stand on today is not the same as the one you stood on yesterday and experienced as solid, but the movement of particles saves us from the empty space of which it mainly consists. Earth moves, and everything on it. You as well right now, flying through space at speeds that are insane.


The search for a static happy life without challenges is a mere illusion. Everything changes all the time, and the only way to handle the change is to go with it without resistance where resistance is futile. Tomorrow never comes, acceptance of the present gives a starting point for moving forward in harmony with the change around you. Take a swim stroke in the flowing river when changes draw you there, but acceptance of the force and when surrender for the moment, in the now, right here, is the only way to become comfortable with change and the unknown future. Life leads us as much as we try to lead life. Sit down and have a talk about your struggle – to find a balance between flowing with the current and swimming stroke to a more favorable side.

Fri vers av PFJS
Läst 59 gånger
Publicerad 2023-03-29 00:42

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