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The gender of pirates


Argh! ?


After 45 minutes of speaking to an elementary school

A well-meaning person gave a lecture on the freedom of choice

To be anyone that you feel inside that you want to be and are

All is all right as this is a safe zone for expressing and letting you be free

When asked if the children had any questions about this to ask

One boy stood up and with red cheeks and nervously asked:


“You are saying that I can be anything I want to be, is this true?”

"Of course", said the speaker while walking closer with a big smile

“Then…” said the boy, searching for words. “Can I be a pirate, for real?”

The speaker smileless asked the boy if a pirate was really inside of him

Not a girl or another gender to choose from as there are several now

“A pirate with a wooden leg is what I am. Capt. Bloody Fear is my name”


"You are lucky my tummy is full for if not I would plunder your lunch"


The speaker was speechless and turned to the other children to ask if they knew

Some friends of the boy said that they often played pirates at the river

They now proclaimed to be pirates as well and would plunder and loot

Every town from here in the midwest to the beach where ever it so be


The speaker was wondering what had happened here in this school

After talking about the freedom of being whomever they wanted to be

These strange boys did not come forward as different in gender or sexuality

They acted as if no boundaries existed from what they now could see

The speaker shrugged and then packed up to travel to another class

To teach them about the struggle of boundaries hindering them to be

A boy can be a girl or a cat if a young mind has felt that is whom they are

Strange though with these pirates today of confused boys that could be anything

A straight boy or girl or a hundred different genders and orientations to feel like being

Confusement can make boys like these make bad choices from their wild beliefs

They will probably find themselves later when older and not so confused

Finding out who they are inside without influences from TV and games

Filling these kids with confusion to the point they think they are pirates


Fri vers av PFJS VIP
Läst 28 gånger
Publicerad 2023-03-30 23:44

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