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Free will if you will


Way too many stumps in the ashtray,



I will never learn from my mistakes,

That's how it feels on this day.


It's like a robot controlling me,

Like God forgot my free will.


Maybe he gave it to a mountain climber,

That later fell but it was anyhow his choice.


Free up there on the peak summit,

Maybe I could climb for freedom too.


But I don't want to fall so probably no,

If I just stay still on my sofa I'm doing it as I will.


If God commands me to go up from my sofa that is soft heaven,

I think he would understand the preference for comfort.


How tall can a pyramid of cigarette butts be built?

Wonder how all the old Egyptians would have done it.


No wonder I'm tired it's early by any measure,

3:15 on a Tuesday is unnatural when living like me.


Should I change or go on smoking the Cheops?

Next time for Christmas I gonna ask for some free will.

Fri vers av PFJS VIP
Läst 23 gånger
Publicerad 2023-03-31 19:07

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