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To those whose hearts are lost and swallowed by the deep

The Sailors Lament

In the vastness of the ocean's embrace, A sailor sailed, his soul adrift in space. Searching for solace, for purpose and truth, He sought the answers from the depths uncouth.

Beneath the starry canvas, he ventured wide, Each wave a reflection of the tears he cried. The salt on his lips, like memories untold, His heart heavy with burdens yet to unfold.

With every sunset, his yearning grew, The relentless quest for what he barely knew. The wind whispered secrets, the currents would sway, But meaning eluded him, slipping away.

Lonely nights spent on a ship's wooden deck, Silent echoes, a lament, a constant trek. The constellations mocked, a cruel design, As his ship sailed aimless, lost in the brine.

In the depths of his despair, he made a choice, A fateful decision, silenced by the noise. His pain overwhelmed him, a tempest's cruel tide, And he found solace where shadows would reside.

His body sank gently beneath the blue veil, An offering to the ocean, a mournful tale. The waves swallowed his sorrow, his dreams consumed, A tragic end for a soul forever doomed.

Oh, sailor lost, your search now complete, In the embrace of the waters, in eternal sleep. But your story remains, a reminder to us all, That some battles are lost, no matter how we brawl.

Let us not forget the sailors adrift, Those seeking meaning, their souls caught in a rift. May we reach out, be the beacon they need, To guide them home, to sow hope and plant the seed.

For life is a vast ocean, uncharted and wide, But with love and compassion, we may stem the tide. And maybe, just maybe, in the depths we'll find, The meaning of existence, in hearts intertwined.

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Publicerad 2023-05-19 00:03

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