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Unite and Conquer

In a world where hearts beat strong,
Where justice thrives, where hope belongs,
A symphony of voices, rising high,
Proclaiming equality, reaching the sky.

No boundaries define our worth,
For every soul, a sacred birth,
In diversity's embrace, we find,
The essence of humanity, beautifully entwined.

With resolute courage, we stand as one,
In the pursuit of justice, our mission begun,
For in the tapestry of human rights,
Each thread intertwines, igniting new heights.

No color, creed, or gender divides,
United we stand, the world abides,
From every corner, a chorus sings,
Of unity's triumph, where freedom rings.

Let prejudice crumble, let hatred cease,
Embrace the power of love and peace,
For every voice, a story to tell,
Respecting the differences, breaking the spell.

Hand in hand, we walk this Earth,
With compassion as our noblest girth,
For in the eyes of every soul we meet,
Lies the reflection of humanity complete.

No shackles shall bind, no chains confine,
The aspirations that within us shine,
Let us rise above, let us aspire,
To build a world where all hearts inspire.

Inequality fades, justice shall prevail,
As we dismantle the walls, the barriers we scale,
Let empathy guide our every stride,
A world where dignity can never hide.

So let us champion, with love as our guide,
Human rights prevailing, side by side,
In unity we'll conquer, the darkness will flee,
A world of equality, for all to see.

Fri vers av Soulseeker
Läst 49 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2023-05-19 17:46

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Jag är conquistador. Uti fingertopparna. Här reses korsfanan och intet annat.

  Larz Gustafsson VIP
Klichéer, floskler.
Detta saknar verklighetsförankring.
Människan är i grunden ond.
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