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Never shall we leave our treasures behind

Memories of (G)old

In a realm of dreams and whispers,
Where magic kissed the air,
Two childhood friends embarked on a quest,
To find a treasure rare

With hearts full of innocence,
And imaginations free,
They ventured to a distant isle,
Where secrets longed to be.

A mythical land, they heard whispers tell,
Where legends found their birth,
A place where dreams were woven deep,
Upon enchanted earth.

Through tangled forests they traversed,
Beneath the moon's soft glow,
Hand in hand, they journeyed on,
Wherever fate would show.

Their laughter echoed through the breeze,
Like melodies of old,
As memories of bygone days,
In their hearts took hold.

They climbed the hills with nimble feet,
And waded through the streams,
Their eyes lit up with wonderment,
Their souls ablaze with dreams.

Whispered tales of untold riches,
Guided their curious way,
They chased the stories' golden trails,
As night turned into day.

They sought the treasure, yes,
But more than jewels or gold,
They yearned to find a piece of time,
From days they used to hold.

On moonlit shores, they gazed afar,
To the horizon's edge,
Where myths and fantasies took form,
On that celestial ledge.

Oh, how they longed to glimpse the light,
Of the treasure's sparkling gleam,
But little did they truly know,
It resided in their dream.

For as they roamed that fabled isle,
And delved into the unknown,
They found a bond that time could not,
Erode or turn to stone.

They discovered the greatest treasure,
In each other's steadfast eyes,
Friendship, pure and everlasting,
A gift that never dies.

And though they left the island's shore,
Their hearts forever stayed,
In that place of make-believe,
Where memories were made.

So let us raise a glass, my friends,
To the joys that never fade,
To childhood dreams and whispered tales,
And the treasure chest of memories that we've made.

Fri vers av Soulseeker
Läst 35 gånger
Publicerad 2023-05-25 22:39

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