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18 juni 2023

What have we become?

We have become a people ruled by excessive comfort and materialistic greed. This will be our demise if we do not rise as one man, remembering our past deeds.

We have become infected and our souls filled with vile poison of forgetfulness, slothness, perversion, wrath, pride and unforgiveness.

We have become our own enemy, and our ancestors would be ashamed of the weak state that we are currently in.

We have become sick and are dying. Our lands are infiltrated and we do nothing. We have lost our leaders and the courage to fight in front of the Almighty. He will judge our valour, not the wicked world and its rude souls.

We have become afraid of being individuals leaning on our own given rationality and wisdom. Instead we lean against a rotten tree yielding no fruit. Yet, we press this mold and drink ourselves drunk. Such a sad feast.

We have become senseless, losing our eye-sight and sense of self, fleeing and following the lost footprints in front of us into the barren grave that we have dug with our bare hands.

We have become fools following orders from preachers with grinning teeth who are fondling our children, while we reach for the remote to be further programmed into loyal slaves.

We have become a nation of women with female spirits seeking to destroy manhood, as our families crumble and children suffer in lonely homes and schools with witches teaching wicked lies of riches, fame and lust.

We have become numb and feed ourselves with junk, thinking we’re freeing ourselves of feelings, and fleeing from the sight of the shadow-being reflecting us in the mirror. Can’t you see that you have become that shade of gray? You are dying, and your family and your people with you.

We have become all this, yet dormant in our resilient chest beats the fire of our heart, waiting to ignite the evil in the world and to retake our spark and stake in this kingdom. We will either rise, or face our demise.

What an easy choice.

Prosa av KPJ Sundquist VIP
Läst 66 gånger
Publicerad 2023-06-18 22:10

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KPJ Sundquist VIP