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Comes To Shove

The call for proportionality
that we often hear - or make -
tries to suck air in empty space

We call for “logic”,
and logic steers the robots
that weld cars, tanks and giant carriers,
which, however, are the fruits of deep-rooted fantasy:

Algorithms dance around on stilts
like beings out of the tales of Hans Christian Andersen,
and they are spooky spirits out of our collective unconscious

We are beings in fairytales,
made up by complicated places in space, called brains,
the way we perceive ourselves

We exist in our fairytales,
where Logic is one player that we dream,
though MAGIC is the king, the emperor and handmaid,
present in all our dealings,
one way or another

We don't choose cars or clothes
just to go somewhere, or to keep warm:
We want to show our dreams and magic thoughts
on the outside, for other dreamers to see;
to fashion our place in our dreams,
in this magical forcefield

Human perception of self and world
is fully magic,
down to the last thought and action,
and it hasn't got to do with what we call intelligence;
not at all:
There are billions of pretty smart people
dwelling in religion psychosis,
which is a very dangerous kind of magical thinking

We feed on tales,
loose ourselves in televised detective stories
and events that enter our ability and proneness to identify,
like, say, with the five men who got mangled and extinguished
in the deep sea the other day,
following their magical thinking, loosing themselves
in their fantasies

and all news media concentrate on just that, for days,
like they did when a gang of young Thai football players
got stuck in a cave,
or when a little girl fell into a deep and narrow well in America,
or when Neil Armstrong stepped out on the Moon
while the USA was otherwise busy with their genocide in Vietnam,
which anyway seems to be forgotten now, completely

That is the way we function! Don't be horrified!
Don't pretend to be horrified! Don't be a hypocrite!
This is our nature, and probably more for the good
than the bad

Never expect proportionality or logic

A sneezing attack
will have you completely forget
the refugee disasters in the Mediterraneans
as well as the shelling of the Ukraine,
which becomes boring anyway after a while, doesn't it,
while you take interest, instead,
in the butterflies of the garden,
or in the act of masturbating, or better, getting laid

and be sure;
the crackling of Swedish crisp bread 'tween your teeth
will completely disguise all the wars and horrors of the world,
and that is just as it should be,

and push comes to shove anyway,
for all of us,
after some time, doesn't it, huh?

Fri vers (Fri form) av Ingvar Loco Nordin VIP
Läst 48 gånger
Publicerad 2023-06-23 14:46

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Ingvar Loco Nordin
Ingvar Loco Nordin VIP