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Saturnia Pavonia II

The Living
reside inside the Great Oblivion

The Deceased have forgotten us
in an ex-world

The Universe is a forgotten realm,
suspended on the undulating motion
of an insect in July

Lowered into the Ginnungagap of the Now,
the Tow Hitch of World & Beings
is hauled across the Seabed of Nothingness;
the entire Unreality of Time gathered
'round the Singularity of the Real,
days light as lightness, heavy as weight;
the World Heritage of the Night
left under the Silence of the Zodiac

The World constitutes the Layered Amnesia
of the Dead
that we must inhabit;
the Remembrance Habitat of the Already Finely-Dispersed
under our feet, in our tissue, and about:
Conjured-Up Reminiscences
out of the Day-&-Night Structures of the Years,
space moulted, fears left ajar,
all Un-Spoken collected
in the mute Wordlessness of Vast Volumes

In but One Being, Everything and Nothing amasses;
in One Only the Memory is sealed:

The Peacock Spinner
masters the Entire Materialization of Reality
through the damp Northbothnian evening,
in the Billowing Gravity Waves
across the Road to Gunnarsdjupträsk
(from Alder Trees & Sallow on the north side,
towards the Amnesia Greenery
on the south side, by the southern part
of Västiträsket Swamp, heavily overgrown)
to shape a cocoon for itself,
to hibernate perhaps Three Winters as a pupa,
Remembrance of the World preserved, silent, inaccessible,
before the Metamorphosis of the All
a Gold Plated Blast of Dawn
across Land & Sea, Forgetfulness & Heraldry,
Maintained & Abstained in a Sleeping Memory,
sensed by poets Anna Rydstedt & Jenny Dahlén,
both Herbary Shamans
in a kind of Sense & Moderation
securing the Lattice Work of Cerebration,
calming all of us with the middle name ”Forgotten”:

Anna Forgotten Rydstedt / Jenny Forgotten Dahlén,
Ingvar Forgotten Nordin / Anna Forgotten Nygren /
Sune Forgotten Karlsson / Dellaree Forgotten Östnäs /
Lars-Erik Forgotten Kjellström & eight billion Others

Saturnia Pavonia embodies Sleep Awake;
its Noctuidae-Flown Fairytale Recollections;
Reflections in Obscure Spatialities;
its phases:
eggs / larva stage I / larva stage II / larva stage III / pupa & moth;
Carrier of All Memories through Global Amnesia

while everything leaves

Fri vers (Fri form) av Ingvar Loco Nordin VIP
Läst 49 gånger
Publicerad 2023-07-26 00:37

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Ingvar Loco Nordin
Ingvar Loco Nordin VIP