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The Darkness Within

On my mind, everything is emptiness
I see darkness all around me
Kill me, end it all, see me crying
I am breathless, outnumbered
Can't even count to a hundred

Bloody game in a great movie
This is going groggy, hallucination
I feel fuzzy, dizzy, smoking hot
This juice is magical, my mushrooms suck
That's not fair, I lie, people do that sometimes

I am a really bad boy, darkness all around me
My head is filled with emptiness, I feel nothing
Drugs, frogs, it's all in my pocket
I feel like the new Harry Potter
Bloody hell, that shit is trash

'Cause everything I do, I do it for you
All I really do is talking to my demons
They are all up in my head, telling lies
I will eventually die, brotherhood, crap, I forgot
This is not another rap song, my music is crappy

'Cause all I really see is darkness all around
I am fucked up in my head, troublemaker
This shit is not funny, I will take my gun and prove it
Help me, I really feel sadly, boring life
Kill me, end it now, I feel ready, let's go

Fri vers (Fri form) av Spiken VIP
Läst 28 gånger
Publicerad 2023-11-28 15:07

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Spiken VIP