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Where is all the emotional disturbed recluses...


Complete title:
Where is all the emotional disturbed recluses with substance abuse


All the great artists lived tough lives

At least a shrink told me that

Clutching forks and knives

Let’s not forget about that

Happy to put food on the table

Dostoevsky had to gamble when he was not able

Or did I get it backwards he wrote ‘’Spelaren’’ when he was out of money

And Charles Bukowski drinking and happy to call anybody honey

Edgar Allan Poe smoking his opium

Died in the gutter without a penny on him

Hemmingway the raging-alcoholic helped him with the stream of consciousness

Blew his head off on a toilet no less

And Kurt Cobain did the same thing

First a shot of heroin then a shotgun not living

Well the list goes on and on

And they have called Bob Dylan a musical-recluse to provide music a ton

Leonard Cohen locked himself in a room on amphetamines when he needed to write song texts

Some he threw out some he kept

James Joyce another alcoholic

Celebrate the emotionally disturbed

Poet is the profession with the highest percent of manic-depressives

And take this word

The great artists

Didn’t care about being understood

Great artist or bust!

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Publicerad 2023-11-07 12:55

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