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I found peace within your voice
which at once calms me down.
A feeling of having no choice
let my longing be shown....

A hunger for true harmony
always felt in the heart
Voices with a synchrony
should never be apart.

I hear your voice.....
Your tune reaches to my heart.
I have no choice.
Nothing can keep us apart.

All my life, I've searched for you.
Searched in every song...
Tuned to words that wasn't true.
Done that all my life long.

So tell me what I have to do?
So you can understand,
that my song was made for you
and united we stand.

Hear your voice in each heartbeat
like in every breath.
Fate wants our tunes to meet
even after all death.

So hear my voice.....
My tune longing for your heart
We have no choice.
No death can keep us two apart.

NO, helar my voice.....
My Love, it's never too late
There's no choice.
It was made by the hand of fate.

Övriga genrer (Visa/Sångtext) av Camilla Heinonen VIP
Läst 43 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2023-11-25 17:39

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Camilla Heinonen
Camilla Heinonen VIP