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Drugs in the Evolution of the Animal Kingdom?

I was really high one time

And was looking at a tapestry of animals and other designs

And I had a strong belief that drugs played a hugely significant role in the evolution of animals

Mushrooms in the forest for example

My brother asked me- weren’t you high?

Well yeah

Later I noticed maybe 25 years later a link on youtube

‘’The stoned-ape theory’’ I didn’t give it a click though being anti-technology

Well yeah Shakespeare smoked marijuana at least they found trace of it in his pipes

The muse of muses who what is it? I don’t know

The question of questions is not can a guy and a girl ‘’just be friends’’?

Rather can junkies ever get clean?


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Läst 78 gånger
Publicerad 2023-12-03 13:05

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  Page Goldenboy VIP
tack för dina 2 inlägg Tomas Sofia Johansson-Jonsson
the north-west africa swimming ape... that is plausible too... given that you know what you are talking about (I am not acquainted with omega-3 but the scientists seem to make a big deal out of it)
Basically, MUSHROOOMS, seem to be the MISSING LINK in EVOLUTION
and I don't want to dabble too much in to drug matter becausee it is like Communism people outside the drug world are always fighting.
Thank you Göran Gustafsson and Tomas Sofia Johansson-Jonsson.

  Live2Dream VIP
folk tror att jag tar
alla droger som finns...
har hört LSD
(men inte weed)
fentanyl, speed...
nej, jag skriver bara mycket
pratar mycket...
lärt upp mig själv
på det sättet...

  Live2Dream VIP
yes, i read about the stoned ape theory

another theory

is that we lived in north-west africa
and started to learn to swim
(no other apes can
inherently swim from birth)
and we ate molusks and prawns
they contain a lot of omega-3
so our brains developed
this is because of the "missing link"
part, because we buried our dead
in the water, thus they disappeared

  Page Goldenboy VIP
(ok... trots allt, tittade på 2-3 youtube clips om stone-ape theory. evolution och intoxicants specifically mushrooms (fungi) it is very convincing
-i have taken biology at university level
-i have taken chemistry at university level
interesting stuff to look in to, though it makes me apathetic and unmotivatd, probably because everything is illegal in sweden, and I probably wouldn't touch them anyways.
so yeah, the stoned-ape theory seems to hold water, available on youtube. signing out for now. / Page.)

  Page Goldenboy VIP
Tack för din kommentar Göran Gustafsson.
Det verkar som du är 2 3 snäpp över mitt intellektuell förmåga.
Nå, self-conscious (stavning) flaky tillstånd är vanlig med marijuana användare (ska va lite av ett skämt)
jag vet att i sydvästra Usa och/eller Mexiko får Indianerna (kommer inte ihåg vilken ''kategori'') få använda peyote (a hallucinagenic (stavning) kaktus) för precis ritual/spiritual practices.
Nå i alla fall ett skämt.
Det är FBI som knackar på dörren!
Eller är det DEA!
DEA Ok! DEA K (K slang för ''Ok'')
Drug Enforcement Agency
No they have no reason to enter here
Alltså om man tar titeln (oavsiktligt blev så) av dikten, de första bokstäverna blir
(D)rugs in the (E)volution of the (A)nimal (K)ingdom?
kreativitet verkar öka av marijuana, men marijuana har en baksmälla, använd för mycket och du hänger inte med dagens tempo
Marijuana klassas inte som hallucinogenic (stavning) förresten, men jo av regeringen. Thc (aktiv substansen i marijuana) klassa hallucinogenic (stavning) av regeringen.
Kanske lägga tråden att vila. Jag förespråkar inte drog-användning!

  Göran Gustafsson VIP
I personally have no experience whatsoever with substances from mushrooms or other hallucinogens, but there are a lot of reports about how they have been used, e.g. in spiritual practices.
What I really meant by symbolic thinking was meta-consciousness and when and how this arose out of phenomenal consciousness, ie the difference between "being pain" and "having pain". The latter includes the ability to be aware of one's own thoughts and deal with concepts, ideas, theories, and principles.

  Page Goldenboy VIP
From google search

what is the definition of symbolic thinking?

‘’the ability to think about objects and events that are not within the immediate environment. …’’

what is the definition of abstract thinking?

<no clear-cut answer>

Mind this is google, so common sense almost beats this, if you understand what I mean. At any rate it feels and smells interesting… meaning the google definition of symbolic thinking does combine with marijuana’s effects.

It is a general notion, to me, that marijuana makes you think more and in different ways. I used to say if you are someone that thinks you will get philosophical thoughts. I hope I am not preaching use.

I will check out, with hopefully permission from erowid, www.erowid.org to read up marijuana’s effects again (and I want now to thank you again for providing an intelligent, and thought-provoking; to me, comment to the piece).

Allright. Have checked out erowid.org

Hell I hope I am not propagating the use of marijuana, but I will just list some of the effects; some which may be relevant some not.
---mood lift, euphoria
---increased giggling and laughing
---relaxation, stress reduction
***creative, philosophical, abstract, or deep thinking: ideas flow more easily
---increased appreciation or awareness of music; deeper connection to music; increased emotional impact of music
***?increased awareness of senses (taste, smell, touch, hearing, vision)
---change in experience of muscle fatigue; pleasant body feel; increase in body/mind connection
---pain relief (headaches, muscle-pain, cramps)
---reduced nausea, increased appetite
---boring tasks or entertainment can become more interesting or funny
---reduced neuropathic pain and spasticity due to multiple sclerosis
---reduced seizure frequency / increases ‘seizure threshold’ in sensitive individuals
<and a few more…>
---general change in consciousness
---change in vision, such as sharpened colors or lights
---time sense altered (for example, cars seem like they are moving too fast)

It is not unlikely that I am making a Shakespeare ‘’fatal flaw’’ with this. This means I make a mistaken presumption or the like. To dabble in psychoactives I associate with outside-Sweden literally.

This comment strays not from marijuana, I mentioned mushrooms, and there is plenty of plants in the rainforest and the like, something like this I call ‘’the grand master plan’’.
I think I have written enough on the notion now. Sorry it took a while but I wanted to put in something quality. I will send this as a personal message too. Kind regards, and thank you for your open-mindedness and thought-provoking comment. Appreciated.
Page G.


  Page Goldenboy VIP
Will get back to you Mr. Göran Gustafsson.
I'm used to getting junky material to junkie material.
An intellectuell (some may not agree) about drugs and evolution,
well I always say having an intellectual conversation is talking about something I have not thought about
but flat out ''abstract'' thinking is a described of marijuana
will get back to you, but can't promise much more material really
an open-minded, intellectual, hard to come by... thank you Göran Gustafsson

  Göran Gustafsson VIP
The strange thing is that Homo Sapiens had the genetic and anatomical prerequisites for a brain capacity and intelligence like ours, 100,000 years before the first traces of symbolic thinking and action made themselves known. So then the question arises: What triggered symbolic (abstract) thinking?
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