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LIDLs "vegan" apelsinjuice

orange juice which has
a stamp on it saying "vegan"
means its been manufacted
by nanobots in huge factories
and will have that in it instead
of tiny parts of insects
the problem is
these fruit and veggies
dont have a natural
immune system
so they use formaldehyde
or bitter substances
to conserve them
this means they have
antioxidant effect
so the only choice
is to grow your own
before chemtrails
ruin that too

Övriga genrer (Essä/Recension) av Tomas Sofia Johansson-Jonsson
Läst 49 gånger
Publicerad 2023-12-06 17:48

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    zwitch VIP
Nanobotsen förstärker ju immunförsvaret och lyssnar in kroppens specifika behov. Och chemtrails! :D
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Tomas Sofia Johansson-Jonsson
Tomas Sofia Johansson-Jonsson