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"För ett rationellt sinne är döden inget annat än nästa stora äventyr." Albus Dumbledore

The Dance of Death

In the depths of night, where shadows creep
A killing tale, I shall no weave
Blood, like crimson rivers, it does flow
Deaths presence, in whispers, it does show

Beneath the moon's pale, ghostly light
A haunting melody, plays in the night
The echoes of sorrow, in every breath
As souls dance with darkness, embracing death

Through the ancient halls, with cobwebs draped
Lies secrets untold, forever escaped
A symphony of aguish, fills the air
In this killing realm, where nothing is fair

Beneath the tombstones, names etched in stone
Lies a realm where the lost souls have flown
Their whispers echo, through the chilling breeze
A haunting chorus, that never finds ease

So tread carefully, in this world of dead
For the killing realm, is where nightmare are fed
But fear not, my friend, for in this dark abyss
We find beauty in darkness, a twisted bliss

Bunden vers av MissBraw
Läst 50 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2023-12-06 20:06

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