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Don’t forget your body massage when visiting Thailand

Thailand is known for a heavy Tsunami (2001) but You should never forget the fantastic oil massage they give You here. Well, it’s not for free, You have to pay for the massage so don’t wait until the very last days when your pockets are empty. You must know that this famous oil massage cost 400 Bath. And the price is the same everywhere in Karon Beach, in Kate Beach and in Pattong Beach.
And the massage on the beach cost the same 400 Bath. It’s impossible to bargain with massage. You can get a lower, better price for a hat or a long sleeved white shirt. But the massage is something holy, something sacred. There must have been a united agreement with all girls working with massage. You don’t find any man here doing massage. The agreement was this: “EVERYONE must charge You 400 Bath for an oil massage. No bargain is allowed - because they all say NO!
This is my last week here and I want another delicious massage but I have just 300 Bath to spend. And I have been everywhere, asking for a nice price. And they all say NO to me. So next I come here I will bring more Bath with me. At least 400 Bath (that is 118 Swedish crowns or 11 dollar). That is very, very cheap. A massage in Sweden cost at least 6 times more or 700 crowns.

Övriga genrer (Pastisch/Hommage) av Bengt Johan Alexander Malmsten VIP
Läst 52 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2023-12-08 02:35

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Bengt Johan Alexander Malmsten
Bengt Johan Alexander Malmsten VIP