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Haunted Symphony

In the darkness it dwells, a tale of shadows untold
Where whispers of despair and secrets unfold
A spooky realm, where moonlight weeps
And eerie silence in the night creeps

Haunted castles, shrouded in mist
Echoes of lost souls, forever adrift
Gloomy landscapes, adorned with decay
Where darkness reins, night and day

A symphony of sorrow, played by the wind
Through ancient ruins, the echoes chime in
Ghosts of the past, lingering in the air
Their presence felt, a haunting affair

In this haunted realm, where darkness thrives
A macabre beauty, where darkness survives
Embrace the shadows, let them guide your way
In this enchanting world where darkness holds sway

Bunden vers av MissBraw
Läst 47 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2023-12-08 06:40

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