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The Invitation

Did you regret your invitation or was it your masterplan?
You’ve played as my admirer for years
tricking me into thinking that I was the only one.
I don’t date pretty guys like you
but I didn’t want to boost your crammed ego so I lied.
You’re a handsome man and you fucking know it.
I bet you kiss your own reflection like Narcissus.
Yet I took a shot on your invite
and fell for the temptation at last.
But I guess I wasn’t that important
considering your obsession with me.
I have never had a shortest date
as you drank your latte
faster than I realized that I became the fool of the night.
You have a name of an angel
but outplayed me like the devil himself.
You used your friends as your excuse
saving yourself for their dinner party
they happened to invite you at the very same hour.
I guess you just spared 5 minutes
just to trap me empty-handed at the table.

It’s pity.
I couldn’t touch that glittery face of yours
with its silhouette reminiscent of a dick move
just like those dick pics you’ve sent me in your shadow.
As I was humiliated and infatuated at the same time
I still wait for your next move.
You’ve promised this long-awaited movie night with me
as it seems now that it’s not that anticipating anymore.
Who knows,
maybe I’ll get another rsvp
before your expected mating season?
or else the block button of yours isn’t that far
probably dodging yourself from a bullet
as I am dodging one too.

Fri vers (Fri form) av MorganLeFay
Läst 34 gånger
Publicerad 2024-01-28 21:37

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