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With thanks for the pleasant memories

"A man should be content with his poverty, if it comes to it, not wealth, but the silence of your hut makes you happy" - is a quote from Ioan Slavici, a writer from my childhood school curriculum,

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The quote I bring out is from the short story: The mill with luck by Ioan Slavici, who was a 19th-century Romanian writer and journalist. He was a representative of the naturalistic trend in Romanian literature and wrote about village life in Transylvania, morality and social conflicts. A poem on the subject of gratitude, just a little!

(Thank you personal poem).

I don't want endless riches,

No palaces, no titles of honour;

I don't want to live forever 

Nor to change the course of history.

I just want a pure heart

A soul full of peace and love;

I just want a moment of beauty

A smile, a flower, a look.

I want to be grateful

For all that God has given me;

I want to be happy

With what I have, with what I am.

Fri vers (Fri form) av Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP
Läst 30 gånger
Publicerad 2024-02-18 00:18

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Jeflea Norma, Diana.
Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP