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burnt-out on introspection


in the beginning of joining this site


i was putting together powerful pieces, pretty, and pretty cool


now i am rummaging in my head for material


i have thought, how do i re-program myself to become healthy


the ultimate self-therapy


i came to the answer it is impossible, you(i) need to talk to somebody


and the world is going to hell


and are forced to talk to someone part of it


so fungi (mushrooms) seem the missing link between apes and humans


that would put psychosis as some ultimate level of self-actualization


all apes are happy, content, and calm


and humans are rushing around worried


the mushrooms increased, as well as other mind-expanding chemicals, our consciousness


basically compared to apes all humans have psychoses


and exclude the above if creationism is correct


there is some burnt-out-on-introspection material, and i am dearly trying to re-program myself and have no success

Prosa av Page Goldenboy VIP
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Publicerad 2024-03-16 13:00

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  Page Goldenboy VIP
Commenting my own text:
I mean we are so much a product of our past / vi är väldigt mycket av vad vi har vart med om... en del saker kan man bearbeta på egen hand / andra saker tar man till graven / jag är nog för förstörd att känna mig hel igen /

  Page Goldenboy VIP
Interesting comment. No, I did not know that the concept of psychosis can adhere to other mammals. no brains no pain

    King Faerin
Strong poem. You seem to be of the introspective kind. The concept of psychosis isn't limited to the hominid tree all mammals can be affected.
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Page Goldenboy
Page Goldenboy VIP