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i feel i cant feel anything

i feel i cant
feel anything

i sense a sense
i cant sense

i smell something is wrong
but cant put my finger on it

i want to have my finger
inside of you but
i wont say that

im excited but im
holding my breath

im holding my breath
because you stunned me

im trying not to
look down at my
bulging crotch

im fantasizing
about you but
i wont say it

im looking at your breasts
but i wont touch them

im looking
into your eyes
and i see myself

i never really
think of myself or
how great or bad i am

i just let the flow
guide me to new
heights and depths

and now my erection
reached a new height
while looking at you
and i think the semen was
for your depths not my pants

Fri vers av Live2Dream VIP
Läst 30 gånger
Publicerad 2024-04-10 15:41

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