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35 and dead

Once a nationalist, resolute and sure,
In Sweden's embrace, his beliefs secure.
Yet faith in mankind, slowly waned,
'Midst life's turmoil, doubts remained.

Abroad he ventured, to Netherlands' shore,
And Greece's warmth, seeking wisdom more.
In the vast expanse of sea and sky,
He found solace, reasons to fly high.

Yearning for sails, to traverse the deep,
With the wind as his guide, secrets to keep.
Released from borders, from greed untied,
His soul found peace, in the world's wide stride.

Not merely Swedish, his essence grew,
Belonging to the universe, pure and true.
Within the ocean's endless blue,
He found a sanctuary, where dreams renew.

On Halkidiki's shores, stars he'd study,
In their celestial dance, he found beauty.
As knowledge unfolded, humility grew,
In the vast expanse, his understanding drew.

Amidst life's vastness, he found his due,
To embrace the unknown, sincere and true.

Fri vers av Soulseeker
Läst 20 gånger
Publicerad 2024-04-17 22:51

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