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Lunar Love

To you, I've pledged my heart so true,
for eyes like yours, the world would woo.

Yet, in her gaze, a flicker shone,
a lunar light that softly moaned.
It was there he saw, oh so clear,
the moon's reflection drawing near.

Within your eyes, the moon does dance,
a silver glow, a happenstance.
It's not you my heart admires,
it's the lunar spell that fuels my fires.

From that moment, his love took turn,
for the moon above, his heart did yearn.

O celestial body, so bold and bright,
in your embrace I find my light.

So each night as the moon did rise,
he whispered love to starlit skies.

To the moon, I pledge my soul,
for it's her reflection that made me whole.

Her phases change,
yet love remains,
a constant beacon
in my heart's domain.

Bunden vers av K.S. Sollenhag VIP
Läst 40 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2024-04-18 22:46

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K.S. Sollenhag
K.S. Sollenhag VIP