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Shrink of my heart

So tell me,
what’s the name of the game?
These sessions
have been nothing but rewarding
to fall in love
once a week
with you.
Your appointments
are the sunshine
on my weather app
better than my happy pills combined.
Your blonde boyish face
tall and ocean eyes like Armie Hammer
but a gentleman like Keanu Reeves.
I feel like a princess
naked on that couch
as you paint me with your eyes.
You smile
when I smile with insecurity.
You laugh
when I say something stupid.
You listen
when I cry about my pain.
You speak with the softest voice
saying the right words.
I never asked for a gorgeous doctor like you
distracting me from my anxiety
or making it all worse.
I see the way you look at my hands
like you want to touch them.
And I see no ring in your finger
as I would be jealous of her.
If you were gay
would I be devastated
because being friends
is not enough for me.
So take my hands
and leave this room with me
far from this cruel world
as you coat me in happily ever after…

I’m glad you’re not telepathic
or else I’d probably lose you
or your license…

So say it,
does it mean anything to you?
You’re my favorite company
because I have none
since these trust issues moved in.
My past has been mean to me
isolating me from the world
but with you
would I lock this room forever.
I never want to believe
that you have this fun as with your other patients.
But as you’re healing me
given that I meet new friends,
travel to new places
and be in the highlight of my career,
I fear our final session.

So let me ask,
would you remember me and my ridiculous life?
would you think of me when your patient laughs at their own joke?
would that very same pen remind you of the first time you happened to touch my finger?
would you wish that it was me sitting on that couch?
and please tell me,
can you feel it the way I do?

Fri vers (Fri form) av MorganLeFay
Läst 27 gånger
Publicerad 2024-04-28 17:42

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