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I have read all your newly written material and cheered myself up with some of the older. There seems to be some small difference to it.

Sure, the more recent is a text a day under roughly an hour in effective writing. All that was written six years ago and older was a long drawn-out process with "writing technically", evaluating and controlling balance and precision. I have not written anything at all in six years, so it is still a little rusty.

You also do a lot of art photography. Is there any purpose with that?

It is mostly a channel for my need of "creativity". It stranded in just the type of photography I can make without any bigger effort: Nature and art. Art photography is a playful thing and I can avoid making any physical originals. Every digital photo is the made piece of art. I do not want any originals or anything else directly from me for posterity to deal and forge with, so I have always immediately destroyed all little drafts and such. I am completely digital.

We discussed politics a few days ago. I wonder how much of your writing that discusses politics?

I want, as mentioned to you, to not directly touch upon politics; so I leave it to others to carry that responsibility. But, I follow mostly American politics with interest and understand it. It surprises me somewhat that not all see the larger picture with the ongoing genocide against the Western society through the usage of other peoples. The foes are in highest degree involved in the control of politicians and political parties in all parts of the world, so I am forced to address it here and there. It is a fact that politics cannot be sorted out from the War of all Wars and all of our lives in everyday life. So the grotesque variables of politics that right now exists is something I sadly have to be in understanding of. I can really not support any of "the sides" uninformed nonsense for apparent reasons.

You also seem more set on the Folkish side of Odinism now?

The threat level is so strong that I have taken a step closer that way and that is not ideal, but forced. I see, for the reason that I know, all Folk from The Gods as potentially worthy beings to defend at any cost. From the start in Asia and around present China, through Russia to our very first steps into "America". The differences between all from Allfather´s Euroasian descent is not big.

You are irritated with that many in Asatru are posing. Wish to expand on that?

Sadly it must be said that my irritation over many of the "participants" that spread their speculations and writings miss the base with The Gods' physical existence. Stupidly enough many believe that The Gods are a make believe from their forefathers, as our foes claim this and you are unbelievably dumb if you know that The Gods exist... I lived here under all these periods that many practice to imitate, as The Viking period and the Vendel period, not to mention thousands of years of our other high cultures before and contemporary with those two mentioned time periods. That some want to reenact and strengthen themselves in their search after their own old identity is quite good; and true it is that that some that participate in that are reincarnated and lived during those times, but for my part I see little point with binding an image of The Gods in a time period for others that really need our help; in a long since passed time which is romanticized, or by the foes dirtied down with crap. A posing with slightly comical fantasy imagery of The Gods as well as lowly and ignorant cite and take in the foes revolting propaganda and historical falsification makes that too few now wants to touch it.

I know many that are interested in Odinism, but trips on something on the way and fall off. Is this something you are familiar with?

Sure, I have heard about that... There is a large hidden interest among the people. It is not just the nationalists and the nature lovers that have a certain interest they not wholly can follow through; there is far more in the people that know that they have with the cause to do. If they don't find the right literature and more importantly the right people with knowledge; then it will be hard. The "trippings" are the foes propaganda with some baseless crap. If you are that weak that you cannot see through that and go on, then I am uncertain if Life in reality is something you can survive in.

Are there any books coming?

That will happen. I have two photo books that are set for release soon. Then we will see what happens. Nothing is written yet.

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Publicerad 2024-05-05 16:21

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