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I recall myself better times when something true and intelligent would not shock anyone. Now most are so seriously disturbed that no normal instincts function and most of any real insights can only be left here to be wrongly interpreted. Tearing sorrow and hatred is the salary for the one that wants to help the deranged masses to Life.

The big joke has gone too far. Our world's process seems for the mightless majority too big to be seen. Lessen in the mind down all "identities" to a dozen beings, or just two if you so wish, that battles for survival and might and it should clear up a little.

The most widely spread garbage now brainwashes the deprived masses. Everyone's vacation from Reality is over. We must take back all control and might.

The fact that threats against our world now press forward so hard that they finally are seen by a large crowd is gratifying in all its twofold sadness, but there is still a bit remaining until the insights reach a majority and a common consciousness. The foes steal all their filthy hands grab after in our world and with threats and violence these terrorists force many of the leaders to crawl under them. The foes are in a constant supervising of their meal tickets in the deprived humanity´s hollowed out thralldom. They wish to deny that they are animals, as that is everyone else's part to be, but it is easy to see the animal and hear the bleat from them. Obviously it is that the mass migration that have long been aimed against the "white West" and the "white" Folk is about an attempted genocide, it is supported with forged history and prejudices that are placed in the weak to instigate murder. The persecution against the "white" Folk is normalized and approved just if it is aimed at "whites", which hardly is unknown for anyone now alive. Reason being that the "white" and "Asian" and others of The Gods' kindred will soon leave the false Abrahamitic religions, "religions" that we all have nothing to do with.


It is about blood and not words.

We must take back all stolen goods and punish the responsible, no matter how far down they are in the hierarchy. The misdeeds are almost inconceivable and the dumbness even worse. The foe's magic tricks are done with manipulation of the ignorant, may be as black arts or "miracles" as they prefer calling it. The foe´s part in the spririt world, by the side, play that they are dangerous or good all the while they frighten and lure the less knowing in their death trap that they want to call religions. All too easy are their placements made to draw down and all too easy comes their manipulations in steering the weak and afraid.

It is sadly the case that you yourself must awaken and become free and find The Gods' protection.

The higher art, as we name it, is most real and the force is in many, but kept hidden and expensive for the interested.

It is more than enough that the foes have rotted away the brains and hearts in the deprived. But, the foes even try to use our own feelings against us in a death grip and they who cannot understand our higher emotional life live on to buy us with words. Truthfully, I find it undignified to even touch the foe's nauseating existence, but I am forced to. I know very well what they have done with our words and languages, with childish double stitched meanings so they can appear as innocent to their own "prophesies". Very immature and cowardly, but such is their nature.

The foes most used to drag down our world are mostly what we all know; poor beings with inherited low intelligence and bankrupt from any own abilities to grow into worthy humans, addicts that got hit in the head one time too many and those that have been abused as children; inside the psychosis and terrorism in the foes so called "religions" they are stuck. The most desperate and used; the abused by the foes themselves become the foe's shield. Furthermore, the foe´s victims are all together tragicomically vulgar about Truth and Reality and have been forced to memorize and study nonsense and garbage they have been told is good and uplifting, but they only dig their own graves in the feces. Without any ability to higher reflections, or even critical thinking, these are, without wanting to insult other mentally handicapped, trained to be completely retarded and useless in anything other than being a hinder for The Gods. The large part of these "Abrahamites" will never be able to rise themselves from their total degradation and it is honestly not at a loss to anyone. This is like the biological phenomenon that the foes chosen have severe perversions, a lot of incest occurs, "sex" with other "men" and goats is completely normal for them and it is not anything we higher wish in our closeness. The foe's inherited and repulsive ugliness in all its expressions should be enough to not wish life go any further, but dumb volubility and fables tire the thoughts away from getting atop the own filth and uselessness.


The claim that this world just is a rotten test planet where all shall be tested with suffering and sadness, or have the stroke of luck to live good, is retarded. Rise yourself and start living in Reality.

Trust the foes in anything and you are doomed to death.

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Läst 75 gånger
Publicerad 2024-05-05 18:00

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