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The irrational play that they instead of knowledge, intelligence and insights own feelings that "confirm" their sophistication and superiority, but they are still empty and neurotic inside; and the brain is after all the organ that as we know control the heart. Become freed from junk, find your character and become yourself, no matter what the foes fables try to trick any kind of false ownership rights on you and your inner self. How tragicomical and revolting the foes nonsense and fake game regarding emotions is; it has still murdered countless that in moments of weakness been tricked that they have won some kind of insight about everything's tender fragility and collapsed to a life of pitifulness. In much alike they who are struck by the words themselves about sorrow, tearing, suffering and darkness, stuck in an illusion to live up to. In general the affected suffer for the purpose to egoistically pay themselves with sorrow so they thereby are preserved from the surrounding world while they take on their imagined punishments that also show that they are real emotional beings... Own and control yourself or die.


The foes continue forcing down a normalization of their extraneous thoughts and behaviours; a weapon against our freedom and all that is right, clean and high. The purpose is of course to hinder all that is higher that they know will be their death. The oversexualised thinking that is spread among the masses mostly come from the foe's own filthy "sexuality" where the weak in mind and the fooled are dragged down to a perverted level and become deprived; it is merely a weapon. The plan to use our Folk as things to abuse has escalated and many over all this world now been forced down to act as free prostitutes and also automated tellers, meanwhile they fool the affected thereby to have some kind of "own will, freedom and might"... All real status and self-respect, cleanliness and love, is destroyed in these poor beings and of course there are no real men and women that would want to be anywhere near the deprived. Knowledge over to have lost all value is reinterpreted with the foes placed words to its effect in "self-delusions" as it is freeing; and prejudiced inhibitions surely can never be good... The sex drive is sometimes as strong as basic needs as sleep and food and it destroys and kills many in the ignorance and confusion the foes are spreading mainly through their owned media and directly perpetrating in the shadows.


To "own" others, which some of the low-life egoists has got as a need and the reason is that they don't even own themselves; it returns everywhere in the fooled society. Just as defending or attacking meaninglessness between the sexes as weapons, raise one's "identity" or some imagined shared identity after use, raise one´s partners beauty and value by twisting one's own eyes and the mind, to pay with sex in order to use their identity's "status" in self-defence. The list of all complete nonsense with cause and effect from the foes false ideologies is long and repulsive.

The deprived scum now only do anything if they can earn something from it, they lack a real inner consciousness as they never realized the value in such; as everything just is about making money... No one can pay with any currency to give oneself a rich inner and real life. The weak want to receive payment for their existence and thereby be deemed valuable... They always choose what gives them most in the imagined social status down in the Illusion; in spoiled spiritual emptiness they are just materia, they just exist and all is mere things to use before they die... And always they are so intelligent, valuable, pretty and wanted by all others that have great envy and thereby arose these masses of deranged non-humans that drag down our world with their desperation and weakness. Somewhere inside they know that their loss of all reality, worth and status gives them severe neurotic problems; not any shallowness or toughness protects or gives them anything. Their false identities in the junk-culture; the fake religions and ideologies open for yet more manipulations from the foes; and they are driven by brainwash and threats to execute false homosexuality, bestiality, and other perversions as weapons. They pay for falsely claimed guilt with their bodies. They do what others do after forced examples from the foes.

"Acceptance for anything we are forced to act out is just so "open-minded"."

Prosa (Kortnovell) av 1 SIGFRIDSSON VIP
Läst 98 gånger
Publicerad 2024-05-05 18:32

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