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You consciously construe symbolism where it is not meant for it so you can play that you unravel. You live on your beggary of life and your ruthless weakness as weapons. You play a zero-sum game by turning away words and refer to "authorities" without any real authority. What you don't "know" doesn't exist.

"Who wants to wake to a living nightmare and see that I have been fooled, humiliated and maybe doomed to death?"

You are lifeless. Your closed eyes weren't enough.
You look for faults when you should look for rights.

Stop being so mightless.


Finding a great deal of your half-baked thoughts in internets lowest chest of drawers. You questioned critical thinking in benefit for freedom of thought... You had a bought in self-service with integrity without integrity and arguments without any reason in Knowledge that could be aimed at everyone without discrimination. You dug out clinchers, objections and imagined yourself that all could get stuck in your logical death grip...

"The future is a mix of all cultures. It is unavoidable."

The only thing unavoidable to see is that you were manipulated into steering the future wrong and towards death. You were a normal abscess and with it in the retarded contemporary time as a revolting mixture of a dumb monster and a clown. You overrated the value in your merits and built notions upon the false notions that spread as if they were something else than dumb scientifical theories. You wished in spite of that accredit your identity coming from older greater days, with strong and wise men righteous with sword and axes, women with real beauty, honour and also ready for battle in a conciousness and chastity seldom seen since then. But, on yourself you did nothing more than stare around you, blinded for yourself. Your staleness and ignorance about everything gifted that you dreamed about the real Folk that once were here, we who gave ourselves all the old great days might; I was there and you were not there. But you, continue judging me from the grave for facts and don't hurt your life sustaining illusions...

"I take away that which doesn't confirm and give my identity more power; all that I already know with scientifically confirmed assurance."

You others can believe me in that we now stand in front of a strong awakening and the shock over the dumbness that presently are here should everyone start to dampen. I provoke noone that have a heart and brain, you already know that so well already. Asked if you had any pulse. You wondered if it would make any difference in the present time, or even for yourself if you became yourself and tried living. After that you got upset, so alike those in the wrong always do:

"But open up your mind and don't care about me. Just reject it all. It matters not who lives or dies. All is just meaningless garbage. We will all die as equals."

I remember that I was still narrow-minded and claimed my knowledge regarding The Worlds you said didn't exist, in spite of me having been there. Defect minds can be fooled to anything and nothing you told me was true and right and now you are dead. You couldn't be taken seriously in any way. You never liked me. For certain is that I never owned any wish to be liked by scum, maybe mostly for that you can be dragged down and be equally dead furthest down. But, you live on in the deranged thoughts which still lives on for a while among others that live naively and certain of the competence over their non-existing significance they desperately defend with anything to avoid been seen as dumb and fooled. It is painful to see the ignorant regarding Life have the audacity to claim they have a depth and a consciousness, valuable abilities and a uniqueness, meanwhile they do not have anything close to this. All too dramatic they want to desperately give themselves at least some kind of life. I understand them well. But, not a right can be found in them.

You want an ending here?
Do it yourself for the first time by thinking on your own without a pointer.

Prosa (Kortnovell) av 1 SIGFRIDSSON VIP
Läst 55 gånger
Publicerad 2024-05-05 21:20

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