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"Yeah but, the foes' lies keep me alive with the hope for something better. All lie and are false, so why wouldn't I be able to do that and be normal?"

The answer is that you are fooled. Completely fooled. Let go of the fear to lose your filthy mental wrongs that just give nonsense, repulsion, degradation and death. The thought process in all non sequitur is as "b-philosophy" there excesses on logic and constantly ignoring of higher knowledge lead to tragicomical conclusions where proof for a non-existing being is confirmed being equal to truth and facts... The weak are bought by something claimed unexplainable and unreachable... The constructions these complex-ridden and desperate live on give the illusion that others be tricked that they are intelligent and have some kind of value, but it is as always just braindead jibberish. Already degenerated they seek for revenge on the outer world. "It shall be equal as bad for everyone." All these life-rejected thoughts leading to deranged behaviours must directly be hindered where the cause is.

The jaded see mere words without content, if it now isn't from their pushers of word weapons. Manipulated into believing something is natural and normal in a very controlled and afflicted world in constant struggle; sadly invisible for the degraded masses that have eyes shut and misinterpret as they wish. Warnings and clearly abnormal appearances are ignored; the tolerance is deeply frightening. People are so strong... that they take whatever and their "feelings" is just a choice they have been forced into.

The foes keep the Knowledge secret. "Those we have made weak knows nothing." That is correct. It is correct that the lying only support those that need lies for their survival.

You stumble onward in the foe´s compact darkness and call clearest facts and truths for mythological. Step out of the cave you have been told you belong to and understand: We come from higher beings from other worlds, and from this world, with given opportunities to a worthy existence and a higher life.

To be functioning demands your self-respect, your clarity and Knowledge. There are degrees of everything, but this is a corner-stone in every being that owns the possibility to get to survive.

Prosa (Kortnovell) av 1 SIGFRIDSSON VIP
Läst 54 gånger
Publicerad 2024-05-05 21:23

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