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10 maj 2024

The Aryan Soul, or The True Aryan

In a certain sense, identifying with ones people is of no real value. At least if done in the wrong way. Many a nationslists make this mistake. They identify with the PHYSICALITY OF THEIR PEOPLE not the SPIRIT OF THEIR PEOPLE. This is a very important distinction, yet they’re not wholly exclusionary.

It is our spirit who made us who we are and our exterior features and accomplishments are merely a reflection of this inner state of being. The very deepest core of our being does not belong to any categories. There is still great value in identifying as a people, as long as we don’t forget our deepest selves in the process.

I myself belong, in an earthly sense, to the peoples of the Aryans. The white man. The European people. The Nordic and Scandinavian peoples. The Swedes, to be precise. But ultimately, to the Aryan, white man, as a whole. There is importance in this identity too, in a certain sense.

My people, those who are not corrupted, which they seemingly are to a lesser degree in general, compared to other peoples, are bound by deep moral virtues given to them by the highest one, by God. We have an inner urge to act on these morals and if we don’t we will feel sick or weak, whether we realise this or not. The morals are that of justice, honour, discipline, dignity, truth, love, and so on.

If we can maintain and live in accordance with this natural spirit inside of us, despite the influence of the corrupt modern world, then our children will inherit these virtues and colour the world with just actions, while filling it with benevolent spirits.

Our families and peoples will become a nurturing ground for goodness that can spread to neighbouring tribes and peoples, whose hearts will rekindle when they are reminded of their true heart’s desire. Then the soul of impeccable virtue will have taken hold in the world and the identity of a people was part of its rebirth and its maintenance. And those who do not want to embody this spirit of goodness, may go on living their life in hell. As long as they do not interfere with us.

Our soul is the very core of who we are. We are not our people, but the soul in our people. And the soul of our people is worth fighting and dying for, in an honourable way. Never let someone lead you down a dishonourable path. That is a direct attempt to sully who you are, and an attempt to weaken our people, by infecting it with corrupt mind and spiritual viruses that spread through our children, if we let them.

These mind and spiritual viruses are the core from which evil, hatred, anger, decadence, lusting, and much of what we see in the modern world spring. This evil spirit of corruption influences the liberal and globalist agenda in the world today and it is trying to take over you, your children, your family, your people and the whole world.

Stand up and fight the enemy to the last breath, if that is what it takes. Never, ever give up. Never surrender. You fight on the side of what is truly good, and in such a battle you can never die. Death is a mere thought that you have been indoctrinated into believing. True death is surrendering your soul, your family’s soul, your peoples soul and the world’s soul to evil. It is against evil our battle stands.

Our people can embody the spirit of good and be a weapon in the hand of true justice. We need to let go of selfish desires, and trust the spirit of good that eminates from and is the highest one. This is our God. The God of our peoples. The gods of our past pay homage to the one, the only and the highest God. Because they know they owe all their virtues to him.

Outgrow atheism, outgrow hatred, outgrow judgement, outgrow unforgiveness, outgrow pettiness and victim mentality. Give yourself to your true self. Hang your earthly costumes on the gallows and put on the glorious armour of the highest one so that you can serve your people and what is right. This is how our soul prospers.

We prosper and our people prosper all at once. That way we serve God and our people. What more noble path is there for anyone to walk upon than to serve that which is good, honourable and righteous for the good of our kin and humanity as a whole?

But remember, at the deepest depth of the Aryan soul you will find no Aryan. We are beyond these concepts, yet it is this very deepest of souls that defines the true Aryan.

Prosa av KPJ Sundquist
Läst 69 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2024-05-10 11:34

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