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från en konspirationsteoretiker (annan poet)

“Wait Till They Fire The First Shot?”

Have been aborted
Sent to war
Truth speakers
Hung, drawn
They poison
Water, earth, air
Important information.
The New World Order
Are desecrating
All the nations.

I am sorry
But I just had
To let you know
They fired
The first shot
A long time ago.


“Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!”

Upon reflection
After giving
This statement
Close inspection:

Give Me Liberty
Or Give Me
A Big Mac!
A bullet
In the back.
Make me slave
With no mind
Of my own
Boil my brains
With mobile phone,
Worship the hypocrites
Sat on their thrones
Obey their will
And become
An expendable drone.

Give Us Liberty
Or Give Us
For without Freedom
We are
The living dead.

- VeryAngryMan

Bunden vers (Rim) av Live2Dream VIP
Läst 46 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2024-05-10 18:56

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